We know what we’re talking about…

Like our name says, we believe that men can live happier and healthier lives.  We further believe that with the right opportunity for change, the right approach, the most committed therapists working with innovative models of care, transformation can happen.

Our core mission is: to support men, in a process of change, with structure and integrity.

We are one of world’s leading clinics working in a male-centred approach to psychology and therapy. Our 20-plus years of experience and expertise in the field is well known.  Our models of services have been taught internationally, the research outcomes for our trauma recovery services have been deemed clinically effective, and thousands of men have benefitted from our programs over the years.

Psychotherapy isn’t necessarily designed for men. Yet our programs are.  And as our services are now web-based, we can provide psychotherapy throughout Ontario, and training the world over!

Men can change – they just need a place to do it.  Welcome to Men & Healing!

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