OneInSix Canada

Canada's knowledge centre on male sexual trauma and recovery

Our Staff

Let’s begin by introducing you to our clinical associates and staff at Men & Healing:

Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW, Principal

Our Clinical Associates:

Drew Duncan, MSW, RSW, Clinical Associate 

Larry Gauthier, MSW, RSW, Clinical Associate 

Krista Holts, MC, CCC, Clinical Associate

René-Marc Lavigne, M.Ed., RP, Clinical Associate 

Anna Lepine, BSc (Hons.), PG Dip, RP, Clinical Associate

Andrew Mai, MD, CCFP(PC), Clinical Associate

Ray Robertson, M.A., MSW, RSW, Clinical Associate

Karen White-Jones, MSW, RSW, Clinical Associate

Our Administrative Staff:

Brittani Sabourin, Administrative Manager

Kate Logan, MA, Special Projects Officer