Here is the first thing you need to know about us:  All of us at Men & Healing are committed and passionate in our dedication to men’s health and well-being. Full stop. Our work is specialized, so it only makes sense that staff – our therapists, trainers and administrators are specialized too!  This commitment to excellence shows in all we do.

Let’s begin by introducing our Clinical Associates, Affiliate Members and Administrative Staff at Men & Healing:

Our Clinical Associates & THERAPISTS:

Justin Bergamini (he/him), RP, Clinical Associate

Krista Holts (she/her), MC, RP, CCC, Clinical Associate

Saeid Kianpour (he/him), PhD, RP, Clinical Associate

Anna Lepine (she/her), BSc (Hons.), PG Dip., RP, Clinical Associate

Kate Logan (she/her), MA, RP, Clinical Therapist

Francis Ouimet (he/him), M.Ed., M.A., RP (Qualifying), Clinical Therapist

Matthew Regan (he/him), MSW, RSW, Clinical Therapist

Annika Vander Kooy (she/her), MSW, RSW, Clinical Associate

Our Administrative Staff:

Brittani Sabourin (she/her), Operations Manager

Kate Logan (she/her), MA, RP, Special Projects Officer

Our Managing director:

Rick Goodwin (he/him), MSW, RSW, Managing Director

Our Affiliate Trainers:

Ray Robertson (he/him), MA, MSW, RSW, Affiliate Trainer

Jean-Martin Deslauriers, PhD, Affiliate Trainer

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