A fascinating discussion featuring Rick Goodwin with Rebecca Nava, host of the podcast Sex Ed Before Bed, which covers the following questions:

  • When men experience trauma, how long do they tend to keep it secret?
  • What is emotional integrity and why are more men interested in it now?
  • How is #metoo impacting male survivors of sexual violence?
  • How do ideas about Western masculinity foster a sense of shame for men?
  • How does trauma impact the lives of men and the people around them and what can survivors do to start healing?

A Requiem for a Men’s Trauma Organization The Men’s Project 1998–2015 R.I.P. (Goodwin, R.)

Men Sexually Abused as Children (Goodwin, R.)

The Application of the Therapeutic Spiral Model in the Men and Healing Programs (Salole, R., Forst, M. & Goodwin, R.)

What Men’s Healing Could Look like, if We Mean it (Goodwin, R.)

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