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Canada's knowledge centre on male sexual trauma and recovery


The founder and Clinical Services Director of Men & Healing Rick Goodwin, MSW, RSW, conducts trainings for professionals on male sexual trauma, family violence and trauma recovery across Canada and the U.S. through 1in6, Inc.


Inspired by the #MeToo movement, check out this powerful video by our partner organization 1in6, Inc. on supporting male survivors of sexual abuse/assault.


Our Australian partners at Living Wellalong with the Brisbane Didgeridoo Group and Natjul Performing Arts, have produced a powerful message on personal change with their “No straight lines: We all benefit from maps of life’s territories.”


Listen to our partners at Survivors Manchester promote the 1BlueString campaign at their Busker’s Festival.


Rick Goodwin talks about one in six men having experienced sexual abuse and the need to support survivors.


Rick Goodwin discusses the sexual abuse of children on CTV’s Morning Live show.