This is our core mission: to support men, in a process of change, with structure and integrity.

In other words, we provide psychotherapy. We serve men through male-centred, clinically sound individual and group therapy.

Our psychotherapy fees may be covered under your private insurance plan. Our receipts show the credentials of the Psychotherapist that is providing services to you (either a Registered Social Worker, or a Registered Psychotherapist). Please check your plan for coverage details.

You may be interested to note that our clinical services have been purchased by other organizations and employers. A number of Ottawa-based community charitable services (Ottawa MissionJohn Howard Society, House of Hope) as well as international non-profit agencies (1in6, Inc.) have purchased our services for their clientele, given our reputation for service innovation and excellence. If you are an agency or an employer looking for a quality service for the people you work with, contact us to see how we can be of service.

Check out our “menu” of psychotherapy services. We have plans to broaden our clinical services to serve an even wider range of men.

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