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Our Counselling Services

This is our core mission: to support men, in a process of change, with structure and integrity.

In other words, we provide counselling — some folks call it psychotherapy. Either way, we serve men through unique, clinically sound individual and group therapy. Whether it be individual or group therapy, “bricks and mortar” or online services — we have your back.

We work under the guidance of Dr. Brenda Saxe — one of the most noted psychologists in the Ottawa area. Her job is to ensure our service excellence. As a result, our psychotherapy fees are covered under most private insurance plans.

You may be interested to note that our clinical services have been purchased by other organizations and employers. From the Ottawa Mission and John Howard Society, to the Daybreak Housing to other major employers, our reputation for service innovation is well known and sought by others. If you are an agency or an employer looking for a quality service for the people you work with, contact us to see how we can be of service.

Check out our “menu” of counselling services. Come back soon — we have plans to broaden our clinical services to serve an even wider range of men.