Here is the group for graduates of our other group programs!

Graduates of our Emotional Integrity, Anger Management and Sexual Integrity group programs often feel pumped about the benefits of the programs they just finished, but at the same time, miss out on the new found insights, connection and support of the initial group that they were a part of.  Solution: Welcome to 2.0!

2.0 is a ten-week, renewable group therapy program which promises to take participants on a deeper dive, working on the accomplishments and core learnings of their past work.  Whether it be insights about oneself or understandings of core relationships, 2.0 is dedicated to living the authentic life – a life of integrity, compassion, and courage.  More than just maintenance, this program is committed to those wishing to “walk the talk” of personal change.

Whether you are a brand new graduate, or a past grad who want to return to the circle, this is the program for you.

An assessment interview is only required before entry into the program if the participant has been away from M&H programming for twelve months or. Clients sign up for 10-week cycles of group sessions and these cycles can be renewed as need be. Clients are welcome to stay for up to two years in the program.

Our fees are covered under most private insurance plans.

Contact us for start dates and/or to arrange an assessment interview.

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