“Recovery can take place within the context of relationships, it cannot occur in isolation.”
Judith Herman

Trauma Recovery Men & Healing Phase I is a short-term, therapist-led group program designed for male survivors of childhood trauma: sexual and/or physical and/or emotional abuse. Its purpose is to anchor men on their journey of trauma recovery through psycho-education, coaching on the recovery process, and mutual support.

While the format of the group is interactive, members are not required to disclose detailed information about their past. This group seeks to expand coping strategies, increase knowledge and awareness of post-traumatic stress, address troubling behaviours, and ways to strengthen oneself on the path of recovery. All participants receive a guidebook that covers the following teachings over ten modules:

1: Introduction: Structure and process, safety issues, program model for recovery.
2: The Aftermath of Trauma: Emotional expression, immediacy of danger, the Wobble, the Working Zone.
3: Handling Stress & Crises: Dissociation, flashbacks, getting grounded, mindfulness, self-compassion.
4: Ego States: Structure & function, ego states & self talk, process of integration.

5: The Consequence of Betrayal: Drama Triangles, Trauma Triangles, Emotional Integrity, relationship Issues
6: Trauma & The Male Identity: The Male Code, Gender Role Strain, pathways, myths.
7: Emotions of Trauma: Shame & Rage: Emotional hijacking, guilt and shame, Shame-Rage Spiral, Male Emotional Funnel.
8: Coping with Shame: Substance Abuse and Sex Stuff.
9: Models of Healing: Building External Strengths, attachment, OK Corral, Phase 2 Options, Testimony.

10: What Men’s Healing Looks Like: The Bristlecone Project, Next Steps, Celebration.


Individual psychotherapy is recommended for men interested in enrolling in Phase I, but is not a prerequisite.

Phase I graduates are welcomed to join our long-term Trauma Recovery Men & Healing Phase II group.

An individual assessment is a requirement before joining the program.  Click here to arrange this appointment.

Our psychotherapy fees may be covered under your private insurance plan. Our receipts show the credentials of the Psychotherapist that is providing services to you (either a Registered Social Worker, or a Registered Psychotherapist). Please check your plan for coverage details.

I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.
Nelson Mandela

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