OneInSix Canada

Canada's knowledge centre on male sexual trauma and recovery

Our Fee Structure

Service  Fee  Unit

Individual Counselling $160 Per Session

Anger Management Assessment $160 One-time fee
Anger Management Group Program $600 Per 10 Sessions
Anger Management Group Follow-Up $80 Per Session
Anger Management Individual Program $1,600 Per 10 Sessions

Men & Healing Assessment $160 One-time fee
Men & Healing Phase I Group Program $400* Per Program
Men & Healing Phase 2 Group Program $500* Per 10 Sessions

Emotional Intelligence Assessment $160 One-time fee
Emotional intelligence Group Program $600 Per 10 Sessions

Our fees are covered under most private insurance plans.

*We offer scholarships for our Men & Healing trauma recovery program (Phase 1 and 2). Inquire for details (e.g. men on disabilities or assistance, full-time students).