Sex can be source of joy and fulfillment, yet almost everyone is raised with ignorance and fear about sex and with shame about their own sexual feelings, interests and desires. As a result, when people feel their sexual behaviour is out of control, it can be a source of problems, shame and pain. Preoccupation with porn or with masturbation, multiple infidelities, sexual risk-taking are some behaviours that lead people to feel that they are out of control. Some refer to this feeling as “sex addiction,” but the idea that our sexuality can be addictive is an unproven speculation and highly controversial.

In this ten week, process-oriented group counselling program, our focus will not be on ending the behaviour, but on accepting, owning, and taking responsibility for it. Members will examine their relationship with their sexuality as way to better understand it and to gain greater control over sexual behaviour. Participants will learn skills for relating sexually to others in healthy and appropriate ways, and for taking responsibility for their sexual choices.

This program will explore:

  • Is sex addictive? Claims and reality.
  • Growing up sexual: What you’ve learned about your sexuality.
  • Sex and self: What is your personal sexuality?
  • What’s the pay off? What is your sexual behaviour doing for you?
  • Normal? What’s that?
  • The toxic impact of shame.
  • Sexual openness and sexual secret-keeping.
  • Dealing with sexuality as adults.
  • Developing relational awareness: The skills of relationship.
  • Can I have the sex life I want and a relationship too?

Concurrent individual psychotherapy is recommended.

An assessment interview is required before entry into the program. To arrange an assessment, please complete our Enrollment Form.

Our psychotherapy fees may be covered under your private insurance plan. Our receipts show the credentials of the Psychotherapist that is providing services to you (either a Registered Social Worker, or a Registered Psychotherapist). Please check your plan for coverage details.

Listen to a fascinating discussion featuring Rick Goodwin with Rebecca Nava, host of the podcast Sex Ed Before Bed, which covers the subject of ‘Sexual Integrity” and what this course covers. (Minute 19:49)


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