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T1: Truth Telling

A one-day training on the case statement for addressing men’s trauma. 

T2: Re-Visioning Men’s Anger, Rage & Violence

A one-day training on trauma-informed engagement with men.

T3: Working it through

A three-day process training on male sexual trauma, trauma therapy and healing of men.

T4: Core Curriculum

A one-day training on first stage engagement with male survivors.

T5: A Finger Cannot pick up a Stone

A one-day training on group therapy for mental-health service providers.

T6: Emotional Integrity

A two-day training concerning self-awareness, emotional regulation and interpersonal expression for men.

T7: Tending the wounds

A one-day training on clinical engagement on trauma issues for male survivors.

T8: from concepualization to engagement

A two-day training for mental health professionals on the theory and practice of working with male survivors of sexual trauma.


All training services include:

  • Multi-faceted training from senior clinicians working in the field.
  • Varied learning approaches, including lecture, role plays, case examples, and experiential exercises.
  • A participatory learning style to allow for brief case presentations and adaptation of skills.
  • The latest research and practice approaches in terms of treatment as well as engagement strategies for various populations.
  • Video presentations to deepen the learning outcomes.
  • Participant handouts including presentation materials and other useful resources.
  • A summary of evaluation findings.
  • Pre-and-post communications to ensure a successful event

[Their] commitment to the issue of male childhoood sexual abuse and the needs of men goes far and beyond their sophisticated treatment services – they are indeed advocates, innovators and forerunners in this important field.
Kathy Barbini, Director of Boys & Men Healing, Big Voice Pictures, U.S.

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