The Individual Anger Management program parallels the group program offered. It is an alternative for men who feel uncomfortable with the group format, or prefer/require greater flexibility in scheduling, and can be provided in either French or English.

As with the group therapy program, it is offered for men who wish to resolve problems within the home or work environment related to anger and rage.  In addition to the initial assessment session, clients must attend 10 individual counselling sessions.

Participants can expect to learn how to:

  • detect cognitive distortion
  • implement self talk
  • identify pre-violence cues
  • utilize time outs
  • become assertive
  • develop their emotional literacy
  • increase their empathy for others
  • reflect on unresolved issues of anger from the past
  • identify emotional triggers
  • implement techniques of self care and stress management
  • maintain appropriate interpersonal boundaries
  • understand the connection between anger and depression, addiction and other compulsive behaviour

The Individual Anger Management program is 10 sessions long. The sessions can be scheduled directly with the therapist.