This ten-week group therapy program is offered for men who wish to explore issues of emotional sensitivity, expression, and interpersonal conflict resolution.  An equal emphasis will be placed on emotional awareness as well as skills development.

Participants can expect to receive awareness and skills training on such issues as:

  • Problem solving skills & conflict resolution techniques
  • Trust building
  • Listening skills
  • Emotional first aid
  • Articulation of difficult feelings
  • Assertiveness
  • Masculinity and emotional constriction
  • Interpersonal boundaries
  • Non-abusive communication skills
  • Empathy training
  • Emotional self-monitoring techniques
  • Cognitive restructuring

The curriculum will also be shaped by participant feedback. Please note that this curriculum can also be covered through individual counselling for those clients who prefer this format.  Individual rates apply.

An assessment interview is required before entry into the program.  Clients can renew their participation for subsequent ten-week commitments.