Men & Healing Individual Therapy is for men who are on a journey of recovery from childhood sexual and/or physical abuse. Sessions will take place one-on-one with a Trauma therapist.

While Men & Healing Individual Therapy does not have a set curriculum, participants should expect to receive the following awareness and skills training:

  • Contain post-traumatic stress
  • Manage regression and flashbacks
  • Integrate childhood memories
  • Express anger, shame, fear and other feelings safely
  • Address the impact that the trauma has on family relationships
  • Mourn one’s losses
  • Take responsibility for one’s behaviour
  • Become more aware of one’s body and breathing
  • Practice self care, curb self injury and befriend the body
  • Develop and share a testimony describing the impact of the abuse
  • Practice trust building and develop mutual support
  • Integrate issues of sexuality and sexual expression
  • Rediscover fun and joy in life